Saab Car Service

/Saab Car Service

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Saab Car Service


Saab Mechanic service in Port Macquarie

Has the time to service your Saab snuck up on you again? Don’t put it off, get your luxury vehicle services by passionate, mechanical experts at Serv Auto Care in Port Macquarie

With over 20 years industry experience and knowledge as well as accreditation to perform a number of services including Saab car service,.

Our qualified team of professionals are not only efficient in their work; maintaining your Saab and other European cars; they are delighted by it! Don’t compromise when it comes to the health of your Saab – contact the experts for your next Saab car service.

We value our customers above all else and see you as an individual, not a sale. Customer service and maintaining strong and friendly customer relations is very important to our ethic. You can expect the same genuine and high quality service every time you visit our Saab Service Centre. Putting our 20+ years of industry experience to use, we will ensure your Saab always leaves our shop in better condition than before.

We also offer numerous other services and where appropriate will consult with you to ensure our services meet all your individual needs.

  • Scheduled Car Service – logbooks
  • Service for all European cars
  • Transmission service, repairs and replacement – auto and manual
  • Roadworthy certificates
  • Brake and clutch service and replacement
  • Service for all European cars
  • Air conditioning systems
  • New Tyres
  • General repairs and service

Routine servicing of your vehicle should not feel like a burden in terms of time and money. We want to leave our customers satisfied with the state of their luxury vehicles – not shocked by last minute extra fees. Whether you are in need of Saab repairs or a Saab car service we do our best to provide a high quality and cost-effective standard as well as free quotes upfront.

We also provide BMW servicing in Port Macquarie , if you’re looking for a specialist for your car then contact us today!