Serv Auto Care Service is a modern workshop operating in Port Macquarie and has all the latest technology and necessary equipment needed to competently provide car service and repairs.

Established in 1978, the extensive Serv Auto Care Service Port Macquarie customer base has been built through word of mouth suggesting that our car service and repairs are competitively priced and worth talking about.

The modern Serv Auto Care Service Port Macquarie car service and repairs workshop centre is both owned and operated by head mechanic Serv Auto Care Service who along with his highly qualified team of automotive repair technicians promise car service and repairs satisfaction.

Serv Auto Care Service automotive service and repair accreditations include:

Using only quality parts when genuinely required, Serv Auto Care Service offers detailed advice prior to commencing any car service and mechanical repairs procedure and provides a written report upon completion.

Serv Auto Care Service honestly believes it is setting the very highest possible standard when it comes to car service and mechanical repairs.

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